Thanks to 30 years of building our own in-house resources, a robust translation management process certified to the ISO17100 quality management systems, and a production system of using professional linguists that are subject matter experts, NZTC is able to provide a range of language services to suit the multi lingual communication needs of all our clients. 

Just as language is power, translations can be powerful tools. Translations can make or break political negotiations or international business deals. They can have a profound influence on a company’s public image or on consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Since translations have always been our core business, it’s perhaps not surprising that all NZTC International employees are united by their love for the beauty, diversity and complexity of language. Stroll through our offices on any given day, and you’ll hear a multitude of languages being spoken.

Since 1985, NZTC International has been a trusted supplier of translations in hundreds of languages and on just about any subject matter.

A unique feature of the NZTC ‘Quality Assured Translation’ process is a particularly intensive editing stage.

Machine Translation (MT) is an automated translation process in which translation software is used to generate a translation from a source language into another language.

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