Thanks to 30 years of building our own in-house resources, a robust translation management process certified to the ISO17100 quality management systems, and a production system of using professional linguists that are subject matter experts, NZTC is able to provide a range of language services to suit the multi lingual communication needs of all our clients. 

We have recently launched a brand new division of NZTC, NZTC Interpreting. Our new specialised interpreting service boasts a team of over 350 professional interpreters offering interpreting services in over 85 languages. Check our our new interpreting website for more information.

NZTC provides translations to and from over 140 languages. NZTC is a member of the GCBG, a joint venture group between 6 global language service providers located in London, Seoul, Singapore, Essen, in Germany and in New Zealand. This strategic partnership ensures that our customers benefit from round-the-clock production hubs across the globe, coverage of all languages, and a vast linguistic pool of subject matter expertise.

Based on 30 years of experience in developing our in-house resources and infrastructure, we offer our clients a reliable and efficient project management process, a translation process certified to ISO17100 standards, a robust and transparent quality management system, and the use of the very latest translation technology.

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