NZTC International is one of only a handful of translation companies worldwide that have invested heavily in building their own, in-house resources rather than relying primarily on vast networks of freelance translators.

This structure enables us to provide a unique service in many respects. It allows us to assure quality to the highest possible standard, respond quickly and flexibly to customer requests, and develop and retain our institutional knowledge of our customers’ individual terminology and needs. It also affords our customers greater protection when it comes to confidentiality and intellectual property.

Read on to find out what, in particular, makes us the leaders in our industry.


Our people

NZTC employs a large, in-house team of linguists, who are complemented by a team of ten dedicated customer liaison and project management staff.

We also maintain our own Art Department in which specialists handle the creative and technical challenges associated with implementing our translations in the full range of traditional and new media. NZTC’s total workforce numbers 35, which makes us one of the world’s largest privately owned translation centres. More importantly, our large in-house staff enables us to keep a tight grip on the quality of the translations we supply. It also means more consistency for our customers, who benefit from working with the same people year after year.

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Our quality

Best people combined with best practice – NZTC’s Quality Assured Translation process is the most intensive QA process available in the translation industry and is ISO 17100 compliant.

It includes a unique reverse editing process that involves native speakers of both the source and target languages.

Most of the translations we deliver are handled by our own, in-house linguists. Any work that needs to be outsourced is given to carefully selected and proven translators.

All of our translations, whether they were produced internally or supplied by external partners, are checked thoroughly by our in-house editors – if necessary, in consultation with the responsible translator – before being sent on to the customer.

It is thanks to our large team of in-house linguists and project managers, combined with a meticulous and robust quality process that we are able to guarantee professional quality assurance. NZTC’s Quality Assured Translation process is the most intensive QA process available in the translation industry and is ISO 17100 compliant.

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Our experience

Our customers benefit not only from the sophisticated quality and project management processes that we have developed and refined in the course of our 30-year history, but also from more than 250 years’ combined professional experience of our staff of in-house linguists and industry experts. More

Combined with the specialist knowledge of our carefully selected network of external translators, this makes for an unrivalled concentration of translation-sector knowhow and experience.

Since our establishment in 1985, we have completed well over 180,000 translation projects in a vast range of subject areas. It is perhaps not surprising then, that, today, we are rarely confronted with a topic that is completely new to us.

However, there are some industries, such as medical and market research, where we can boast particularly in-depth expertise.

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Our technology

Size means economies of scale. As one of the world’s largest translation centres, NZTC has been able to invest substantially in building its technology base.

NZTC also keeps abreast of the latest developments in state-of-the-art translation and localisation software, such as SDL Trados and Passolo, which continue to boost both the quality and efficiency of translation and localisation projects.

This technology allows us to provide long term consistency, quality and cost savings for our clients, as well as a range of translation services.

Thanks to our in-house multi-lingual graphics team, we can also provide an efficient, one-stop service for complex Desktop Publishing projects, such as multilingual brochures or newsletters. Finished publishing/artwork can be supplied digitally in most popular formats, including InDesign, QuarkXPress, Illustrator, Freehand and FrameMaker.

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Our promise

Underlying the many facets that make up our unique offering is our uncompromising commitment to providing you with language services that will exceed your expectations.

We do this by listening closely to what you need, working with you to devise the best possible solutions and implementing them to your complete satisfaction.

Our ability to consistently deliver on our promise is the main reason we have grown to become the largest and most popular translation service provider in Australasia.

Our promise extends to providing every one of our clients the very best translation and language consultancy while utilsiing our expereince and the use of only the very best linguists and technology.

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Our consultation

At the heart of NZTC is our people and their integrity, vast expertise and genuine motivation to resolve our client’s multilingual communication needs.

At the heart of NZTC is our people and their integrity, wealth of expertise and a genuine motivation to resolve our clients’ multilingual communication needs.

Consequently, NZTC has become one of the most experienced language service companies in the world, with 30 years of expertise. NZTC has developed very significant and longstanding relationships with clients across almost every industry. Our consultative approach is at the core of the relationships that we have with hundreds of return clients..

Our enquiries range from clients who have never been exposed before to any translation or localisation requirements to dealing with seasoned veterans and translation department experts from multinational corporations.

NZTC’s honest, consultative approach to clients, whether new or existing, is based on identifying our clients’ challenges, whether technical or linguistic, and providing neutral, best-practice advice. This may include language industry standards, common pitfalls and professional advice to ensure that a comprehensive solution is presented and projects are managed most efficiently, while minimising costs and maximising client satisfaction.

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