Quality Assured Translation (QAT)

Quality Assured Translation (QAT)

A unique feature of the NZTC ‘Quality Assured Translation’ process is a particularly intensive editing stage, which incorporates a form of back translation Through this cognitive process, our editors can verify that the translator understood and correctly conveyed the intended meaning.


We tailor our approach depending on the nature the text. For highly complex texts like legal texts we use a native speaker of the target language for translation and a native speaker of the source language for editing. However when dealing with marketing texts we use a native speaker of the target text for both translation and editing as this results in a more natural sounding translation that will resonate better with the target audience.

NZTC's QAT process is certified to the ISO17100 quality management systems.

3-step QAT process

Step 1 - A draft translation is completed by a professional translator who is a native speaker of the target language (e.g. a text from English into French is translated by a native French speaker). The translator produces more than just an accurate translation; the style, phrasing and vocabulary used in the translation must also be appropriate.

Translators have full access to specialised terminology, NZTC maintains a reference library of more than 1,000 dictionaries and reference works, covering more than 70 languages.

Step 2 - The draft translation is then checked by a reviser. The primary role of the reviser is to ensure that the translation fully reflects the meaning of the original text. The reviser meticulously checks the entire translation and any concerns are resolved in direct consultation with the translator.

Step 3 - The translation is spellchecked and proofread before sign-off. Once this is complete, a final check is made by the project manager to ensure that all client instructions have been followed and that the job is ready to be dispatched in the correct format.

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