Our Consultation

At the heart of NZTC is our people and their integrity, wealth of expertise and a genuine motivation to resolve our clients’ multilingual communication needs.

Consequently, NZTC has become one of the most experienced language service companies in the world, with 30 years of expertise. NZTC has developed very significant and longstanding relationships with clients across almost every industry. Our consultative approach is at the core of the relationships that we have with hundreds of return clients.

Our enquiries range from clients who have never been exposed before to any translation or localisation requirements to dealing with seasoned veterans and translation department experts from multinational corporations.

NZTC’s honest, consultative approach to clients, whether new or existing, is based on identifying our clients’ challenges, whether technical or linguistic, and providing neutral, best-practice advice. This may include language industry standards, common pitfalls and professional advice to ensure that a comprehensive solution is presented and projects are managed most efficiently, while minimising costs and maximising client satisfaction.

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