Other language services

Other language services

Cultural consultancy

Cultural preferences and differences can have a major impact on the structure and performance of any organisation. It is equally important to be aware of cultural issues when doing business with international clients and associates.

With over 15 years’ experience in successfully managing a multicultural staff and working in the international marketplace, NZTC International is well placed to assist in this area:

  • We can research and report on any cultural implications of your business decisions or plans.
  • We can advise on cultural factors when exporting or doing business with certain regions.
  • We can test the appropriateness of potential company and brand names for target markets (foreign-language brand name check).

Voiceovers for film and video

NZTC International provides the full range of voiceover and subtitling services:

  • Professional, foreign-language voiceovers for use with in-house training videos, presentation videos at trade fairs, tourism videos or full-length feature films.
  • Film or video originally in any foreign language can be dubbed or subtitled into English.
  • Film or video originally in English can be dubbed or subtitled into any number of foreign languages for viewing by international customers, distributors, staff, business contacts, etc.

Our translators will tailor their voiceover or subtitle translations to fit into the time available for each phrase. Timing is critical, since translated subtitles or voiceovers may require more or fewer words than in the original language.

An NZTC International project manager can then be appointed to assist the recording studio with the placement and timing of the foreign-language subtitles.

Alternatively, voiceovers can be recorded in the studio by professional, experienced talent with an NZTC International language director present to monitor the recording process.

Talent is available in both female and male voices, young and old, and with or without regional accents, depending on your specific needs and target audience.

Digital audio recordings can be delivered electronically to most countries throughout the world.

Interpreting (real-time verbal translation)

NZTC International can provide the following:

  • Professional, trained interpreters for most languages
  • Interpreters for business needs, including conferences, company tours and negotiations
  • Interpreters for official or individual needs, including court interpreting, driving tests, medical examinations and immigration interviews
  • Specialist interpreters for a range of subjects available at most locations

Trained interpreters can be provided for short- or long-term assignments, either locally in New Zealand or in most other countries by arrangement.

Confidentiality and quality are paramount, and all NZTC International interpreters are required to undergo professional training in ethics and interpreting techniques, or to hold officially recognised interpreting qualifications.

Interpreters are selected according to your specific needs, for example:

  • Persons familiar with your required area(s) of specialisation
  • Male or female (e.g. for sensitive situations such as medical examinations)
  • Discreet, efficient interpreters for business situations, or personable, well-organised individuals for tour-guiding

NZTC International also offers remote interpreting services, including via

  • Two-way connections - if you have a speaker phone, the interpreter’s voice can be heard by both parties 
  • Three-way telephone conferences for national or international calls

Contact us if you would like us to prepare an obligation-free quote for an interpreting service that meets your specific needs.