MT+ (Machine Translation and Post Editing)

MT+ (Machine Translation and Post Editing)

Machine Translation (MT) is an automated translation process in which translation software is used to generate a translation from a source language into another language. NZTC’s special MT+ service combines the use of the machine translation process followed by an intelligent human editing process undertaken by a professional in-house editor.

Based on a combination of linguistic guidelines, existing terminology, multilingual dictionaries and millions of previous translations stored within our software, the MT process can be secure, fast and, in the right circumstances, a much less costly solution compared with a full human translation and editing process.

The MT+ service offered by NZTC has seen us partnering with a range of clients to significantly reduce the cost of projects, particularly where there is a very large volume to be translated within a very tight timeframe.

However, it is important to consider the following points to determine whether a project potentially qualifies for the MT+ service:

  • Use of translation - Generally the content for translation should be intended for the client’s internal information only, and should not be used for publication purposes.

  • Content - we have found that marketing, sales and other similar types of creative copy are generally unsuitable for this service.

  • Language structures - some language combinations perform better than others.

When deciding upon using MT+ technologies we first look at the quality of the initial sample text taken. We then analysis whether it is cost effective and efficient to proceed with Machine Translation rather than traditional human translation. We always make the decision in conjunction with our client’s budget and requirements in mind.

Our team is delighted to be able to offer the NZTC MT+ service to all our customers.

Please call our friendly team on 0800 366 4000, or +64 4 801 4814 for international clients, for a confidential discussion. Alternatively, please use our enquiry form for an obligation-free consultation and quote.