Government and Local Body Councils

Government and Local Body Councils

NZTC has a long history of successfully partnering with both central and local government organisations in New Zealand. Our work to date has involved translating nationally significant, high-profile content in more than 25 spoken languages across all sectors, affecting the wellbeing and development of New Zealand as a society, and as a place of business.

NZTC has subject-matter expertise across a range of communication types, all under one roof. We can draw on up to 30 years of experience in subjects, including:

Public Health 

  • Conditions and treatments including meningococcal disease, influenza, rheumatic fever, diabetes, depression, sore throats, accidents/injuries and much more.  

Community Engagement

  • Communication and local population engagement with local communities such as the Ethiopian, Korean, Tongan, Eritrean, Latvian, Niuean, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, Japanese, Russian, Fijian, Somali, Khmer, Samoan, Tokelauan, Burmese and Tamil communities, and many others.
  • NZTC has also administered and project-managed large-scale, time-critical local body and national election campaigns involving up to 25 languages. This works often involves a combination of brochures, pamphlets, radio, television and ad-shell campaigns, working together with numerous partners, including advertising agencies, and directly with elections staff.

Justice, Courts and Foreign Affairs

  • Public defence, civil aid, court and tribunal guidelines, victim support, youth crime, corrections, divorce, marriages, fines and reparations, legislations, justice systems, globally significant international publications and many other significant projects ranging from one to 25+ languages. 

Business, Employment and Science

  • NZTC works very closely with several government partners on a regular basis across many business units to translate and localise nationally significant brochures, research initiatives, publications and online content for a range of sectors such as housing/property, employment and skills, consumer protection and immigration.
  • NZTC has 30 years of expertise in these fields, and unmatched in-house experience when it comes to multilingual government communication collateral.

Social Services

  • NZTC provides a key, ongoing and regular service for the processing and administration of multilingual content assessments of applicants. Through key partnerships with agencies, NZTC administers a quick turnaround service for all languages. This ensures that our partners are efficient and effective in their processing and decision-making when it comes to the assessment of applications and other similar communicative documentation.

Education & Tourism promotion

  • NZTC has key in-house experience and expertise relating to the promotion of New Zealand as a destination for students and foreign visitors alike.
  • Our production teams have specialist native New Zealand linguists located in and immersed across all regions. The use of in-market linguists is paramount to promoting New Zealand on cultural and linguistic grounds. At the same time, NZTC often additionally recommends that these in-market professional linguists are also native New Zealanders, in view of their local product knowledge.
  • NZTC has collaborated on dozens of national marketing campaigns, publications and international branding research and online campaigns, and regularly provides consultation to key industry partners on linguistic and technological topics for communicating with foreign audiences. 

Some of our key regular partners and previous clients include:

The New Zealand Prime Minister’s Office, New Zealand Qualifications Authority, New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Electoral Commission, New Zealand Ministry of Health, Auckland Council, Education New Zealand, New Zealand Transport Agency, The Ministry of Business Innovation and Employment, Ministry for Primary Industries, Tourism New Zealand, The Ministry of Social Development, Auckland District Health Board, Waitemata District Health Board, Canterbury District Health Board, Capital and Coast District Health Board, and The New Zealand Ministry of Justice.

Please call our friendly team on 0800 366 4000, or +64 4 801 4814 for international clients. Alternatively, please use our enquiry form for an obligation-free consultation and quote.