Traductions juridiques

Traductions juridiques

NZTC’s Quality Assured Technical Translation process has been developed to ensure that all legal and IP content can be translated with the highest possible assurance of accuracy. In particular, our unique ‘reverse editing’ stage, involving linguists from both the source and target languages, ensures that all the complexities of the original text are understood perfectly, and translated with absolute precision.

This process is certified to the international ISO 17100 standard for translation services.

Our legal linguists must also have a grounding and experience in any technical fields that are related to the subject-matter at hand in order to ensure the accuracy of all technical and legal terminology when providing legal, patent and IP translation services. In addition, NZTC is one of only a handful of language service providers that can boast a team of fulltime, in-house native English-speaking linguists with decades of experience.

When working in the field of legal translations, our legal translators will be well versed with the laws in the countries of the original and target languages.

For translations from New Zealand English into foreign languages, this means that the editing process undertaken by our native New Zealand editors ensures that the original legal terminology and nuances in communication in the text are comprehensively captured by the original translator.

Translation Services

Depending on our client’s requirements, NZTC is able to offer a variety of different services, including:


Our company operates under strict confidentiality and non-disclosure guidelines that apply to all our staff and linguists. NZTC has confidentiality agreements with all clients; however, our team is always able to administer additional agreements to ensure client satisfaction.

Legal Practice Areas

Corporate and Government Contracts 

  • Export industry documentation
  • Powers of Attorneys
  • Government agency investigations 
  • Maritime Law
  • Intellectual Property Litigation
  • Trademark investigation and applications 
  • Court applications, appeals and decisions
  • Trusts
  • Transcripts
  • New Zealand Sales and Purchase Agreements 
  • Family Court Cases
  • Sales Deeds
  • Environmental Law
  • Affidavits
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Body Corporate cases
  • Tenders
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Banking, and other commercial litigation
  • Confidentiality Agreements

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