Other Language Services

Other Language Services

Thanks to 30 years of building our own in-house resources, a robust translation management process certified to the ISO17100 quality management systems, and a production system of using professional linguists that are subject matter experts, NZTC is able to provide a range of language services to suit the multi lingual communication needs of all our clients.

We have recently launched a brand new division of NZTC, NZTC Interpreting. Our new specialised interpreting service boasts a team of over 350 professional interpreters offering interpreting services in over 85 languages. Check out our new interpreting website interpretme.co.nz for more information.

NZTC International has recently launched a dedicated interpreting website interpretme.co.nz.

NZTC International provides the full range of multimedia services to manage our client’s foreign language communication needs.

Content translation for multilingual websites is one of the biggest growth areas in the translation industry. For companies that operate globally, a website is likely to be a vital communication and marketing tool, and an integral part of the company’s marketing strategy.

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