Our customers benefit not only from the sophisticated translation industry quality and project management processes that we have developed and refined in the course of our 30-year history, but also from more than 250 years’ combined professional experience of our staff of in-house linguists and industry experts.

Combined with the specialist knowledge of our carefully selected network of external translators, this makes for an unrivalled concentration of translation-sector know how and experience.

Since our establishment in 1985, we have completed well over 210,000 translation projects in a vast range of subject areas. It is perhaps not surprising then, that, today, we are rarely confronted with a topic that is completely new to us.

NZTC is a member of the GCBG, a joint venture group between 5 global language service providers located in London, Seoul, Singapore, Essen, in Germany and in New Zealand. This strategic partnership ensures that our customers benefit from round-the-clock production hubs across the globe, coverage of all languages, and a vast linguistic pool of subject matter expertise.  

There are some industries, such as government, medical and market research, where we can boast particularly in-depth expertise. Please see below for details on our specialist industries.

NZTC International specialises in medical and pharmaceutical translations, including work for medical device manufacturers as well as pharmaceutical, clinical, life sciences and bio-technology companies.

NZTC’s Quality Assured Technical Translation process has been developed to ensure that all legal and IP content can be translated with the highest possible assurance of accuracy.

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