Export Documentation

Export Documentation

Export labels (meat, dairy, honey and other consumer goods), communication with foreign counterparts, regulatory documents are just some of the types of translation services NZTC provides. On a daily basis, NZTC works with numerous long-term corporate and government clients requiring a certified translation service to ensure smooth passages across border safety and regulatory inspections. 

NZTC boasts full time staff within our in-house multi lingual art department and often implement our full localisation service including translation as well as the desktop publishing of export labels to ensure foreign-market readiness.

Our team understands the consequences of errors and therefore utilises our certified ISO17100 and our unique translation process involves robust translation, editing and proofreading steps to ensure quality and safety.

Our team is able to apply quick turnaround services and provides translations to all of New Zealand’s trading partners and many other languages.

NZTC is also able to provide important cultural advice around trading with foreign cultures and any nuances that your team need to be aware of.

Please call our friendly team on 0800 366 4000 or +64 4 801 4814 for international clients. Alternatively, please use our enquiry form for an obligation-free consultation and quote.