English Copywriting

English Copywriting

The fundamental skill required in copywriting is to have both intrinsic linguistic knowledge and the ability to generate a persuasive and compelling piece of communication via the intended medium.

NZTC is in the unique position of having experienced in-house native English-speaking linguists combined with 30 years’ experience in working with advertising and marketing agencies, with end clients across many sectors. This means that NZTC is able to access a rich database of professional copywriters who are experienced in a wide range of content creation, including:

  • Web copy
  • Press releases
  • Print advertising
  • Digital advertising
  • Radio scripts
  • Television commercial scripts
  • Catalogues
  • Ad-shell copy
  • Email marketing copy
  • Social media 
  • Search Engine Marketing/ Pay per click advertising content
  • Lyrics
  • Blog content

Our team is able to work directly with technical writing teams, art directors and campaign managers to ensure that wireframes and copy information are carefully taken into account in generating content that is both creative and compelling.

Please call our friendly team on 0800 366 4000, or +64 4 801 4814 for international clients. Alternatively, please use our enquiry form for an obligation-free consultation and quote.