NZTC International can provide a complete software localisation solution to ensure that your international customers can interact seamlessly with your software in their own language.

Adapting software for foreign markets - software translation and localisation


To be successful, software designed for the global marketplace needs to be adapted to each separate linguistic environment. NZTC International has developed considerable in-house expertise in this field. We can assist your software localisation project by translating:

  • The software’s graphical user interface (GUI) and resource strings, including user interface QA and resizing to accommodate languages
  • Online help and support manuals
  • End user licensing agreements and other documentation

The high standards of our Quality Assured Translations are applied to all localisation translation projects.

We are happy to provide advice on which aspects of your software should be localised and make you aware of any potential issues that should be considered as part of the localisation process.

We can also provide testing and debugging services for your localised software to ensure correct functioning and to identify any language-related errors.

Localisation translation projects are rarely simple or straightforward. However, we have the latest localisation software, including the world-leading SDL Passolo 2009, as well as all the necessary skills and experience to make your localisation project a stress-free experience.

Contact us if you would like us to prepare an obligation-free quote for your localisation project.

Games Localisation

Depending on our clients’ specific needs, there are often varying levels of localisation or adaptation within games, ranging from simple box and documentation localisation to partial localisation (in-game text, voiceovers remaining in the source language), or a full localisation process involving all assets within the presentation of the game, including voiceover dialogues, in-game text, player/user instructions, and graphics and images (for cultural reasons).

Other considerations include legal aspects (age restrictions and sensitivity ratings, depending on different countries and states), as well as modification of graphics and images based on the cultural preferences of certain markets.

Cultural adaptation in video games encompasses more than just the use of words – the adaptation of images and graphics is just as important for ensuring that the game is embraced by users in the target market.

NZTC International is able to work with agency partners, and also directly with developers, to consult on important considerations for game localisation and adaptation. It is crucial that these considerations are made early in the development process to minimise costs while maximising time-to-market.

NZTC can provide consulting as well as full services on the following games adaptation considerations:

  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Translation of script, game text strings
  • Use of art, background images, graphics and themes
  • Voiceover/subtitling of character and user dialogues 
  • In-market digital advertising 
  • Game user manual localisation
  • Testing and debugging 

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