Walter Ng

Walter Ng

Bachelor of Commerce & Administration

Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand



Language translation is a complex business, especially for a company like NZTC, which offers an enormous range of services and has financial dealings with both clients and external suppliers in a large number of countries and currencies around the globe.
Behind the scenes in every successful enterprise is a dedicated, experienced financial and administration manager. Walter Ng has been with NZTC for over 15 years and has played an important role in its success.

His responsibilities include the financial reporting of company performance, providing financial advice and guidance in decision making and ensuring that the company’s accounting processes operate efficiently. He is also a key member of the company’s senior management team.

About his job, Walter says: ‘I really enjoy the work culture at NZTC. It is an innovative and forward-thinking organisation that is always on the lookout for improvement and growth. Yet at the same time, it is still small enough to care about each individual and appreciate the work and effort that every staff member contributes. People at NZTC are passionate about the translation industry, and this is reflected in the quality of our translations and our ongoing success as a company.’

Finance Manager