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We have exciting news! NZTC International is now part of the Straker Group!
In this article, our linguist presents a tiny handful of the thousand or so languages spoken on the continent of Africa.
To celebrate the passing of another year, we offer compliments of the season from the rich diversity of languages you can find in Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands.
He was born in the UK and enjoys his free time in New Zealand
Once again, our talented linguist Frazer Robertson, explores the diversity and linguistic differences that are found in the 13 countries on the South American continent
Her name is Mathilde Ferreria and she has a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpretation.
Victoria Lam of Fonterra is the lucky winner of our word match competition
In this new piece, Frazer Robertson talks about the history of the sixth most spoken native language worldwide
Our talented linguist Frazer Robertson attended the event organized by the University of Western Brittany
She records her travels through Argentina and Uruguay