Community Approved Translation

Community Approved Translation

NZTC International offers a Community Approved Translation service for local and central government organisations, involving NZTC managing an extra translation review and feedback stage by members of your target communities. This additional review obtains feedback and cultural insights from members of your target audience, to ensure your message is getting across – whatever the language.

Even after the most robust translation process it can provide extra peace of mind to obtain feedback from target communities regarding the suitability of your original messaging as well as the effectiveness of the translation of this message.

NZTC is very experienced at distinguishing between feedback relating to your original message, and feedback relating to the translation and interpretation of that message. Feedback regarding the translation is assessed by our linguistic experts and, if warranted, NZTC can adjust the translations in response to the feedback.  Any relevant insights regarding your original messaging are passed on to you with our recommendations for any key message adaptations for your consideration.

It can be very difficult and time consuming for customers to source community contacts and manage this feedback process. NZTC has over 30 years of experience and contacts within NZ ethnic communities which allows us to manage this process for organisations quickly and efficiently.

NZTC’s Community Approved Translation service perfectly complements NZTC’s renowned Quality Assured Translations (ISO Quality Certified) or NZTC can manage the Community Approval process for translations you have sourced elsewhere.

Contact us to talk about out how NZTC can ensure your translations are Community Approved – 04 801 4814 – email