Our linguist network

Since its establishment in 1985, NZTC has invested heavily in building not only its in-house resources, but also its network of external translators. Today, our database of external suppliers comprises over 1,000 proven in-market specialists around the globe, who help ensure that our customers receive culturally appropriate translations.

Through the effective combination of our considerable in-house resources and our network of external language partners, we are able to offer our customers a one-stop service, covering all major language combinations and subject matter, without compromising our stringent quality standards.

Stringent acceptance criteria

In order to be accepted into our pool of external suppliers, each individual must be able to demonstrate appropriate qualifications and experience. Suitably qualified candidates must also complete our stringent translation tests, which have been developed to probe their skills in a range of key subject areas. The tests are reviewed by our in-house editors and graded according to a carefully designed assessment form. Less than ten percent of applicants meet NZTC’s stringent requirements. NZTC’s ability to critically evaluate external translators using its internal editorial staff is unmatched anywhere in Australasia.

Close working relationship

External members of our linguist network receive all the support and substantial resources available to our in-house staff: before work on a project commences, our in-house project managers provide our external translators with all the information and terminology resources they require to complete the project to the highest-possible standard. If problems or questions arise during the translation process, our external linguists can draw on the knowledge and experience of our in-house editors. Once a translation is completed, it is returned to NZTC and checked thoroughly by the responsible editor. Any amendments suggested by the editor are discussed with the translator who then carries out a final check before the translation is signed off at NZTC and dispatched to the customer. Finally, our project managers ensure that the external language partners involved are included in the customer feedback loop – a key part of our continuous improvement philosophy.

Click here if you are interested in becoming part of NZTC’s network of freelance linguists.

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