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Veteran translation Dr John Jamieson gives some fascinating insight into language
Dr John Jamieson reflects on a fantastic FIT congress which recently took place in Brisbane, Australia
‘La música salsa me contagió desde muy pequeῆo’
Un estudio reciente reveló cómo las personas bilingües procesan el tiempo de manera diferente, según el idioma que estén empleando.
Veteran translator Dr John Jamieson talks translations
Introduing The Global Business Communications group (GCBG); a joint venture business project initiated by six of the world’s most highly skilled and respected language translation and localization companies
Dr Paul Sulzberger interviews veteran translator Dr John Jamieson on translation technique.
Rafael Laverde, Sales Executive at NZTC, talks to us about his passion
Ever wonder about the importance of translation and localisation? Our latest blogs explores this.
Juggling Words and Culture by Fraser Robinson