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If you are operating overseas you must have your content translated. Find out why here!
Here we look at a recent high profile translation error!!
Our veteran translator Dr John Jamieson reflects on the process of translating and how mean is established
NZTC founder Dr Paul Sulzberger interviews one of our veteran translators Dr John Jamieson in a fascinating read about the translation industry
Today we celebrate International Translation Day!
Here we look at how names are treated in different languages and how to avoid running into problems with your translation
We hear a lot about interpreting and it’s often even confused with written language translation. Interpreting itself involves the spoken language, which can be delivered in a number of ways. Following are the most common…
Dr John Jamieson reflects on a past interpreting mistakes and shows how translation mistakes can happen to the very best in the business.
Our Chief Editor, Patrick King, was in Europe visiting key clients during June, and attended LocWorld 31 in Ireland while there. He reports on his trip
Words get defined and get dictionary definitions at an increasingly quick pace. Translators and linguists often have a difficult time keeping up.