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Don’t let the joke be on you!
In our latest blog we look at some of the more common terminology concerning globalisation
Walter Ng, NZTC Administration and Finance Manager, tells us about his recent adventures in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina.
ISO 17100:2015 provides an international standard looks at all elements of the translation process that affects quality and execution of the service.
Hilarious tale about how a miscommunication resulted in a bald dog and one red faced owner!
Walter Ng, Manager de Administración y Finanzas en NZTC International, nos revela parte de sus recientes aventuras por Perú, Ecuador, Brasil y Argentina.
YouTube subtitling makes no sense 99% of the time. Find out how to effectively and efficiently use YouTube to get your message out.
Here we look at common pitfalls and how you can avoid them
Veteran translation Dr John Jamieson gives some fascinating insight into language
Dr John Jamieson reflects on a fantastic FIT congress which recently took place in Brisbane, Australia