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Multilingual AdWords campaigns are a cheap and effective way to target new customs. Robert McGuinness investigates
El fútbol: más que un juego, un lenguaje universal. Por Pilar Cepeda
Our in-house Chinese Editor looks at the fascinating history of the Czech and Slovak Languages. This is a must read for anyone interested in linguistic history.
Samoan Language Week is an annual event that takes place in New Zealand. The theme this year is “Alofa atu nei. Alofa mai taeao – Kindness given. Kindness gained”. Our in-house Chinese Editor investigates.
The craft beer industry has been growing and growing over the last number of years. As these companies grow and expand the need for professional translations becomes more important. Frazer Robertson investigates
Como criar hijos bilingües? Mi experiencia en Nueva Zelandia
Frazer Robertson looks at the importance of getting your message correct
NZTC International recently held a medical interpreting training workshop. Read about it here.
NZTC International has a long history of medical translations. This is a highly specialised area. Find out more here!
Today is Chinese New Year. Check out our opinion piece on the event written by our Chinese Editor Frazer Robertson.