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We are excited to announce that NZTC has moved to a new premises!
From our South American correspondent we offer some words of wit and wisdom on the Year of the Pig on the occasion of the Chinese New Year.
Coca-Cola were recently left with egg on their face when a recent New Zealand advertising campaign went wrong.
Here we explore the differences between closed captions and subtitling.
Here we dive into the history of the Breton language. This is a great read.
Cómo se celebra la Navidad en el mundo? Aquí te contamos curiosidades y tradiciones de esta fecha tan especial.
John Jamieson, our Senior Translator, recently attended a conference in Poland, organised by the University of Szczecin and held at Pobierowo, on the Baltic Coast. The following is a copy of the paper he delivered, setting out some ideas about translating from Polish into English, John says that many of the arguments would also apply to translations from other European languages into English.
Conoce la historia del cine chileno y cuáles son sus imperdibles películas.
Here we look at the boom in Chilean Cinema that has happened over the last 20 years.
The term localisation often gets misused and is sometimes incorrectly used interchangeably with translation. Here we answer the question, what is localisation?