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One of the many examples of so-called "untranslatable" words, the Greek word philotimo (Φιλότιμο) literally translates as “love of honour”. However, philotimo is so much more than this!
NZTC International is a member of Global Communications Business Group (GCBG) and this year Lingua Technologies International hosted the Annual General Meeting in Singapore.
Today, 30 September 2015, is International Translation Day, or Te Rā Aowhānui o te Whakamāoritanga in NZ Māori. Naturally it’s a big day for the international translation and interpreting profession and especially for Aotearoa, New Zealand in the support of our official languages – Te Reo Māori, New Zealand Sign Language, and English.
This is not something you might expect to hear from a translation company given we are often paid based on the word count - however the old adage that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' certainly applies when internationalising product documentation and minimising your translation costs.
Nǐ hǎo! This week is pretty special because New Zealand is celebrating its first Chinese Language week this week, with the aim of encouraging more New Zealanders to give the Chinese lang
The NZTC International Word of the Week for Maori language week, Te Kupu o te Wiki o te Reo Māori: amiorangi ... going round in circles ...
This week New Zealand is celebrating Māori Language Week. The Māori language is unique to New Zealand and is the foundation of Māori culture. The aim is to promote the use of Te Reo Māori in the homes and families of New Zealand, and in everyday situations.
Matariki is the Māori name for the cluster of stars also known as the Pleiades. It rises just once a year, in mid-winter – late May or early June.
Do you know that NZTC International is part of Global Communications Business Group (GCBG)? With this alliance, we have more than 5000 linguists to ensure that your requirements are well taken care of by the correct person
Only a few years ago, using a machine to do the above was unheard of. However, technology has come a long way very quickly, and the translation industry is becoming increasingly aware of how the careful use of a machine-assisted translation process enables translation providers to offer a different and lower-cost service to their clients – subject to certain conditions.