Top 10 Languages Translated by NZTC

Top 10 Languages Translated by NZTC


Deciding how many languages to translate your English document into when it is to be used here in New Zealand, is something the team at NZTC is often asked. The decision is typically based on a cost vs. benefit analysis, which takes into account the needs of the communities being targeted and the nature and importance of the message. The decision may range from three to over 20 languages.

The following is a list of the top 10 languages NZTC currently translates for documents to be used in New Zealand, and not tourism related:

1. Māori

2. Samoan

3. Tongan

4. Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)

5. Korean

6. Arabic

7. Hindi

8. Cook Islands Māori

9. Niuean

10. Fijian