St Jerome's Day - International Translation Day - The Transparent Translator

St Jerome's Day - International Translation Day - The Transparent Translator


Even translators have a patron saint - Saint Jerome. The 30th of September is the day he is commemorated and alongside Goethe Institute of New Zealand, we are offering a glimpse of what a translator's work is all about.

As readers we are not always aware of what a long journey the words of a translated text have made, to end up as a whole new book in our hands. We do not consider the effort a translator has had to make to transfer an author’s universe from one language into another. How translators manage to find the special voice of a text? How do they know what to leave out and what to add?

You can get an insight into this process on the 30th of September between 4 and 6 pm at the National Library Wellington. Come and watch NZTC translators Dr. John Jamieson and Ian Cormack translate a short story by German author Maike Wetzel into first English and then Te Reo Maori. Initiated by an association of literary translators from the German speaking region, events like this will be held in various countries all over the world - from Argentina to India and New Zealand.

Come along and celebrate with us the marvelous work translators do! New Zealand is the first country in a world-wide event being kicked off in New Zealand!

or further information please also visit Goethe Institute of New Zealand.