Our expertise? Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islands and African Languages

Our expertise? Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islands and African Languages


Our expertise? Asian, Middle Eastern, Pacific Islands and African Languages

Thanks to 30 years of building our own in-house resources, a robust translation management process certified to the ISO17100 quality management systems, and a production system of using professional linguists that are subject matter experts, NZTC is able to provide a range of language services to suit the multi lingual communication needs of all our clients.

Asian Languages

NZTC International offers a superior Asian language translation service. We have a long history of   translating to and from Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai Burmese, Tagalog, Vietnamise, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, Bengali and Pubjabi to name just a selection of languages we work in.

NZTC is also a member of the joint venture group GCBG. GCBG is a joint venture group comprising of 5 different language companies around the globe located in Germany, Singapore, Korea, Argentina and of course New Zealand. We work with our partners in Asia to offer round-the-clock, superior Asian language translations.

We also have an in-house Chinese translation team which allows us to monitor quality at a much higher rather than others who rely solely on freelance translators.

Middle Eastern Languages

Over the course of our 30 year history we have built up some of the best Middle Eastern language resources available. We offer full TEP service in all of the major Middle Eastern languages including Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, Hebrew, Pashto, Urdu, Yiddish, Farsi. Chaldean and Armenian to name just some of the more popular <Middle Eastern languages we work in.

We work with our joint venture partners (GCBG) to offer 24 hour service and we can leverage off our vast pool of international language resources. This ensures that no matter how obscure your request may be we are always in a position to assist.

Given our history we have helped clients with all sorts of challenges and are in a position to offer really valuable advice and support for any Middle Eastern language translations. We can assist not just with the translation request but also with any cultural considerations which may be needed.


Pacific Islands Languages

 NZTC International, specialising in all language services including translations to and from Samoan, Tongan, Fijian, Cook Islands Māori,  Tokelauan, Niuean, Kiribati, Tuvaluan and Hawaiian.

 New Zealand’s geographical location provides your project team with advantages through the use of international time zones.

New Zealand’s location as the ‘Gateway to the Pacific’ signifies a major influence from the cultures and communities of many of the Pacific Islands nations. This means we are able to offer your team an unrivalled base of local or target-market cultural knowledge and other important communicative nuances, invaluable for effective communication.

 Our teams of both in-house and external native-speaker translators and editors have decades of experience across many specialist fields such as the medical, software and website localisation, health and the technical communications industries.

At NZTC we pride ourselves on providing exceptional customer service and an unrivalled resource-base of highly experienced and tested linguists capable of providing a quality-driven translation service. Please contact us for a free consultation to find out how we can help you localise or translate your project, be it Samoan, Fijian, Tongan or any other Pacific Islands language.

African Languages

African language translations can be tricky for language service providers who have not spent decades building up language resources in these languages over the last 30 years. We offer a full range of language services to and from all of the major African languages as well as some of the less well known languages. These include Swahili, Amharic, Yoruba, Oromo, Hausa, Igbo, Zulu and Shona.

AT NZTC we also offer a cultural consultancy service with our African translation service where we can advise on any cultural factors you should consider when doing business in Africa.

NZTC is also a member of GCBG, a global joint venture group made up of 5 language service providers located around the globe. This joint venture group allows us to offer 24 language support which means we can constantly offer supper for your African language requirements.

We offer a full list of multilingual solutions for these African languages including our full Quality Assured Translation process, Machine Translation, Neural Machine Translation and Express Translation.

We also have a full Desktop Translation service for these African languages as well as a full subtitling and voiceover service.

Get in touch with our sales team today by emailing sales@nztcinternational.com or call 0800 366 4000