New Zealand Chinese Language Week


New Zealand Chinese Language Week

Nǐ hǎo!  This week is pretty special because New Zealand is celebrating its first Chinese Language week this week, with the aim of encouraging more New Zealanders to give the Chinese language a go and to bridge the cultural and linguistic gap between China and New Zealand. 

China is one of New Zealand’s biggest and most important trading partners as well as our largest source of international students and second biggest source of tourists.   By mastering a few basic phrases and greetings and using correct punctuation, we can bond with our Chinese Colleagues, friends and trading partners. 

Co-chair of the New Zealand Chinese Language Trust, Jo Coughlan agrees: “Many New Zealanders will have never considered giving Mandarin a go. It could be that it’s perceived as being too difficult or it may be they don’t know where to begin. New Zealand Chinese Language Week is about promoting the wonderful work that is already going on in our communities, encouraging people to widen their horizons and showing them where they might find information to take the first step in learning Chinese.”

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