Multilingual AdWords

Multilingual AdWords


Going local with your AdWords campaign

AdWords is Google’s online advertising system, where advertisers pay to display short messages within the Google network to web users. Advertisers bid on keywords, based on how much they are prepared to pay per click on their AdWords message (minimum US5 cents/click, up to US$50). The keywords bring their adverts into Google search results. This is a popular advertising platform for businesses globally. A properly run AdWords campaign can really help a business engage with its audience in a targeted, cost-effective way.

One way to maximise the value of your AdWords campaign is to localise it. This opportunity is often overlooked by exporters but is a great way to get in front of your audience. This is more than simply translating the content of your English language AdWords campaign into the language of the country you are targeting. With localisation, the target language content is adapted so it conveys a similar message in the context of the culture where it will feature.

When localising your AdWords campaign consider the following:
• Length of the text – AdWords campaigns have very strict character limits which can have a big impact how your advert is structured.
• Negative keywords – negative keywords stop your advert from displaying for a certain keyword. As words may have different meanings in a different culture, you may need to include negative keywords to ensure you attract the right visitors to your site.
• Consult a professional – while you may have contacts who are from your target market or speak the language of your target audience, it is always useful to contact a professional linguist as mistakes can have huge, negative consequences.

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