International Translation Day


International Translation Day

The 30 September is International Translation Day. The day is celebrated on the feast of St.Jerome who is considered the patron saint of translators.

St.Jerome is known as the translator of the Bible. He was a theologian and a scholar and his translation meant that ordinary people now had access to the text. In 382AD he was commissioned by Pope Damasus 1 to revise the Vetus Latina collection of biblical texts in Latin which was used by the Church during this period. At the time of translation the Roman Empire was in decline was the primary language of the day was Latin. The original text was in Hebrew and St.Jerome translated the Bible into Vulgate which is the Cathoolic Church’s Latin form of the Old Testament.  


International Translators Day was official launched in 1953 and was promoted by FIT, the International Federation of Translators. The day is an opportunity to pay homage to the work done by translators around the globe. This acknowledgement become all the more significant as the role of translators becomes more and more important with the growth of international travel and globalisation.

The theme for International Translation Day 2016 “connecting Worlds”

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