Global Communications Business Group meeting in Singapore


Global Communications Business Group meeting in Singapore

NZTC International is a member of Global Communications Business Group (GCBG) and this year Lingua Technologies International hosted the GCBG Annual General Meeting in Singapore.

Partners from Germany, Korea, United Kingdom and New Zealand met in Singapore to maintain our kinship and strengthen future collaboration efforts. During the AGM, strategic plans were drafted by the group and will be put in action by the members in the upcoming year.

“This meeting marks the return to Singapore after the inaugural AGM was last held here in 2009. It is a full circle. The difference now is that we have greater understanding of the partners’ current standing and we are confident that there will be stronger collaboration between the partners for the upcoming years. More plans will be announced in the next few quarters following the closing of this successful AGM,” said CEO of Lingua Technologies International, Mr. Nickson Cheng.

About GCBG

The Global Business Communications group (GCBG) is a joint venture business project initiated by five of the world’s most highly skilled and respected language translation and localization companies, each of whom is a market leader in their own diverse locations – Robertson Languages (UK), Kocarek (Germany), Lingua Technologies International (Singapore), Prolangs (Korea), and NZTC (New Zealand). For more information, please visit: