Free Translation Workshops Just for You!

Free Translation Workshops Just for You!


NZTC has been running hugely successful translation workshops for over four years now, providing a platform for us to share our knowledge of translation and the translation industry with you. These workshops also provide a forum where we can meet with you, put faces to names and make new friends. With recent events we have been rethinking ways we can meet your translation knowledge requirements, so, in addition to our ability to come to your organisation and provide one-on-one or group workshops (yes! We do this!), we are now also offering fully customised and interactive workshops online, all of which can be tailored to your specific translation needs – these are an especially good option if you are about to embark on a translation project as we are able to offer you invaluable advice and help from the outset.

You choose the subjects, time and place (or choose online), and we will do the rest!

Ideas for popular Workshop topics include:

  • Website Translation – requirements and processes
  • Translation Technology – latest developments
  • Streamlining the Translation process to save time and money
  • Community Approved Translations – Implications of cultural and linguist differences
  • Ways to avoid getting lost in translation - avoiding embarrassing pitfalls
  • Which languages should you consider for translation and why?
  • Something else you have in mind? Just let us know!

 Please email the team at to find out more.