Celebration of our traditional food and culture at NZTC

Celebration of our traditional food and culture at NZTC


Celebration of our traditional food and culture at NZTC

Recently NZTC played host to a celebration of traditional food and culture.

Our multicultural team surprised us with local dishes from Bangladesh, Chile, Colombia, USA, Singapore, France and of course, New Zealand.

The idea was to showcase some of our traditions and roots by sharing dishes from all over the world, and we were all delighted to share new and unique flavours with the rest of the team.

Rownok Kabir, one of our project management team and originally from Bangladesh, brought a beef curry flavoured with traditional Bengali spices.

Mathilde Ferreria, one of our newer project managers, originally from France, shared a delicious chocolate cake.

Another much savoured dish was brought along by Rafael Laverde, our project management team leader and Sales and Marketing Executive, who showcased his roots with Colombian-style spanish rice.


A Chilean flavour was added by another of our team, Pilar Cepeda, a journalist and specialist in Marketing and Social Media, who shared a traditional treat from her country called “Pastel de Choclo”.

With influences from Spanish cuisine, pastel de choclo is a sweetcorn pie with minced beef that combines sweet and savoury elements.

Needless to say, New Zealand food was also included in this celebration. Liz Seymour, our CEO, brought along curried eggs and savoury muffins. Lisa Patrick, from the Marketing team, made a popular local finger food, asparagus rolls.

Food, friendship and esprit de corps reflect the investment NZTC International has made in its in-house resources and are part of what makes it such a great place to work.