Away with words!

Away with words!


Away with words!

This is not something you might expect to hear from a translation company given we are often paid based on the word count - however the old adage that 'a picture is worth a thousand words' certainly applies when internationalising product documentation and minimising your translation costs.  

For content creators out there who are interested in the world of wordlessness, we highly recommend you checkout a series of workshops in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch by Patrick Hoffmann, a User Experience Designer at Google in Australia. Patrick takes a fresh look at how the lightning-fast revolution of digital technology is changing how we consume and communicate information, and the implications for use of visual information in communications.

Patrick's talks are always fun and illuminating and he can answer practically any question you might have about creating and using visual information. Patrick also provides some interesting insights into understanding your users and crafting information for them.

The workshops are hosted by TechComm NZ and you can find more information and register for the events on their website via the links below: