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The language we call Spanish is also known as “Castilian” and is the most spoken language on the Iberian peninsula, followed by Portuguese and then Catalan. Although there exists considerable variation within Latin American Spanish, there are some common features which it does not share with peninsular Spanish
The Guarani language is a very good analogue for Māori, with the crucial variation of it having become a national language spoken not only by the indigenes of the country, but also by the descendants of the colonisers and the mestizo people resulting from their union.
Now that the big event is in the past, let's take a look some interesting facts about how football attracts so many fans, regardless of their language, ethnicity or religion.
Special Project Support, NZTC International NZTC International is pleased to introduce oneof our front desk staff and project managers: Pilar Cepeda
GCBG Press Release
Our Chinese Editor answers the age old question; what is the difference between Simplified Chinese and Transnational Chinese
Multilingual AdWords campaigns are a cheap and effective way to target new customs. Robert McGuinness investigates
El fútbol: más que un juego, un lenguaje universal. Por Pilar Cepeda
Our in-house Chinese Editor looks at the fascinating history of the Czech and Slovak Languages. This is a must read for anyone interested in linguistic history.
Samoan Language Week is an annual event that takes place in New Zealand. The theme this year is “Alofa atu nei. Alofa mai taeao – Kindness given. Kindness gained”. Our in-house Chinese Editor investigates.