About us

About us

NZTC International (NZTC) is a privately owned translation company with over 30 years’ experience in the international translation and interpreting market. Established in 1985, NZTC can today boast the largest concentration of professional translation resources under one roof in the Southern Hemisphere, making it one of the largest translation centres in the world.


Unlike most other translation companies, which operate largely as agencies, outsourcing the bulk of their work, we feel that we can best meet the needs of our clients through our own, in-house resources. This approach gives us guaranteed access to a large team of top linguists and allows us to keep a tight grip on quality.


While our clients are distributed around the globe, our headquarters are located in New Zealand, where we have a time-zone advantage that enables us to deliver quality work usually one full day ahead of our competition. Being based in the ‘Pacific paradise’ of New Zealand has also helped us in our ongoing efforts to attract linguistic talent from around the world to work in our Wellington offices, which have become known locally as the capital city’s ‘Mini-United Nations’.


Our portfolio of customers comprises well-known multinationals, such as Nokia, Daimler AG and KPMG, government agencies, such as the Australian Department of Food and Agriculture, and SMEs, such as highly specialised advertising and PR agencies. Whether big or small, all of our clients have come to value the unique advantages provided by our size, structure, resources and experience.


We will continue to invest heavily in building our in-house human and intellectual resources as well as in the latest language technologies to meet the growing demand for our services and in order to maintain the highest translation quality standards required to satisfy our very discerning clientele.